Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Why Winzero DomainReconfigure?

Winzero's DomainReconfigure enables administrators and IT Managers to perform complex Windows NT, 2000 and 2003 domain migration projects using a project based methodology.

DomainReconfigure seamlessly migrates domain users, passwords, user properties, global and domain local groups, group properties, group members, servers and worksations while maintaining current access to shares, printers, profiles, email and SQL resources.

Winzero DomainReconfigure is the choice for achieving successful migrations that are transparent to the end user, with verifiable returns on investment.

"The Success of any migration project is not measured by the number of users or groups or workstations or servers migrated or the superb OU design structure of active directory, but by the result when the migrated user logs into the new domain, that his or her desktop and access to resources is exactly the same as it was before." - Akos Sandor, VP Enterprise Solutions, Winzero.

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