Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Virtual Migration Part 4 - SIDHistory

Once the mapping files are created and saved, the virtual consultant will perform the SIDHistory portion of the domain migration.

The SID History task allows the source SID of security identified users and groups to be appended to each accounts sIDHistory attribute in Active Directory. The SIDHistory attribute adds an extra token to the accounts security access to resources.
All Winzero domain migrations always utilizes both SIDHistory and the REACL process to maximize endusers access to their resources.

Before begining the sIDHistory migration, the following additional dependencies are required.

Success and failure auditing of account management for both source and target domains.
Windows NT and 200x source domains call this user and group management auditing.

An empty local group in the source domain that is named {SourceNetBIOSDom}$$$.

Check the registry so that:
key is set to 1 on the source domain primary domain controller or PDC Emulator.

You must restart the source domain primary domain controller or PDC emulator after the registry configuration.

If the target domain is a Windows 200x domain, Windows security requires user credentials with administrator rights in the target domain.

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