Sunday, October 26, 2008

Virtual Migration Part 6 Custom Remaping

Once the common update process of associating source and target accounts for servers and workstations are complete, the Virtual Consultant will use Winzero addons and scripts to associate source and target SIDs for additional resource that are not part of a standard migration.

The Virtual Consultant will follow a set of guidelines to verify that all unique directories and applications that rely on Netbios Name or SID access are updated.

Using Winzero Update Process Addons
The virtual consultant will verify and update resources as needed using the Winzero Migration Addon Tools for the following resources to maintain coexistance during the migration process.

Roaming or mandatory profiles
Exchange 5.5 account associations
Exchange 200x account associations
SQL Server upto version 7
SQL Server 2000/2005
NAS and SAN Server permissions

Using Winzero Custom Scripting
Using the Winzero scripting utility, the Virtual Consultant will identify any unique applications that require updating and automate the update process for:

Any inhouse applications

Once the update process is complete, the Virtual Consultant will conduct a controlled migration of a typical user to verify that all access to resources has been maintained.

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