Saturday, August 04, 2012

What are the Key Differences Between ADUM and ADMT?

The main difference between ADMT and ADUM – ADMigrator is it’s coexistence during incremental migrations  and the fact that it does not 100% rely on sIDHistory.

How Does ADUM Handle Workstation Migration?

With regards to Workstations and computers, ADUM uses a remote agent scheduled to update computers locally. Once deployed every account that has been migrated and that has information on the computer resources is remapped whereby the SID of the target account (user or group) is appended where the source account is found including local groups, profiles, printers mapped drives, Outlook profiles, account rights. File, folder and share permissions. This way both the source and target account have the same profile and rights at the workstation level and the server resources level until a final cleanup is performed.

Because this feature is run prior to cutting the user over to the new domain , it is possible to stage and verify the entire migration without user impact before the user accounts are enabled in the target domain.

So, when the user is ready to be cutover to the new domain and the workstation is moved by rebooting to join it to the new domain, the target user or users are enabled in the target domain and disabled in the source domain. This feature allows for a complete or partial reversal, if for any reason the migrated accounts need to be move back to the source domain.

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