Monday, June 09, 2008

Virtual Domain Migration Part 1

Preparing the source domain

Before the virtual domain migration begins, the two way trust relationship between the source and target domain must be stable. Administrative rights must be in place such that the SourceDomain\Domain Admin group is a member of the TargetDomain\Administrators group and the TargetDomain|Domain Admin group is a member of the SourceDomain\Administrators group.

Review the prior three steps of Premigration:
Premigration I
Premigration II
Premigration III

The onsite resource will need to logon to a computer in the source domain with an administrative account and install four Winzero software products: DirectoryObjectExtractor, AdminAccess, Computer2User and ScheduleManager.
Once the four products are installed on the computer in the source domain, the WebEx session can begin with the Virtual Consultant.

Connect to the WebEX session as outlined in the email from the Virtual Consultant. Once the session is established, change presenter so that the Virtual Consultant has remote access to the computer.

In the first stage of the migration, the Virtual Consultant will run a series of reports using DirectoryObjectExtractor and save these reports to Drive:\\Winzero\DirectoryObjectExtractor\ in Microsoft Excel format. Zip all the reports in this folder to one file and email it to the Virtual Consultant.

After the reports are completed, the Virtual Consultant will launch AdminAccess and add the TargetDomain\Admin Group to the Computer\Administrators group to every computer in the source domain. This process may take a long time depending on the number of computers in the source domain. By adding the TargetDomain\Domain Admin group to every DC, Server and workstation in the source domain prepares the way for administrative access to all resource from the target domain. Any computers that were unreachable will need to be accomplished on a case per case basis until all computers are verified with proper access.

The next stage is important and may take some time. Using ScheduleManager, the Virtual Consultant will install and configure the Winzero Scheduling Service on every computer in the source domain configured to start automatically, run from an administrative service account from the target domain.

Before moving on to the next step of the Virtual Domain Migration, the Winzero Scheduling Service must be running on every DC, member server and workstation in the source domain.

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