Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Virtual Domain Migration Part 2

Preparing the Target domain

Having completed part one of the Virtual Domain Migration, the focus of part two will be to install the Winzero migration tools in the target domain and perform the account migration to the target domain.

The onsite resource will need to logon to a computer in the Target domain with an administrative account and install five Winzero software products: ADSearch, DomainReconfigure or WADMigrator, PasswordCopy Domain Edition, DNSReset and DomainManager.

Once the five products are installed on the computer in the target domain, the WebEx session can begin with the Virtual Consultant.
Connect to the WebEX session as outlined in the email from the Virtual Consultant. Once the session is established, change presenter so that the Virtual Consultant has remote access to the computer.

In the first stage of the migration, the Virtual Consultant will run a series of reports using ADSearch and save these reports to Drive:\\Winzero\ADSearch\Reports\ in Microsoft Excel format. Zip all the reports in this folder to one file and email it to the Virtual Consultant.

After the reports are completed, the Virtual Consultant will launch DomainReconfigure or WADMigrator and begin the account migration process by adding the source and target domain, selecting the users and groups to migrate and migrate the accounts as disabled accounts to the target domain. This process may take a long time depending on the number of accounts in the source domain.

Once the disabled accounts are created in target domain, the Virtual Consultant will configure PasswordCopy Domain Edition to synchronize user passwords between the source and target domains on a scheduled daily bases until the final cutover is performed.

The next stage is important and the resulting account associations must be backed up; the entire migration depends on the accuracy of these three files: map.usr, map.gg and sidhistory.txt. The Virtual Consultant will perform, verify and backup the account associations of the source and target users.

At this time the source domain must be frozen. No new user accounts or groups must be created. Group membership must not be changed.

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Before moving on to the next step of the Virtual Domain Migration, the Virtual consultant will verify the creation of the accounts in the target domain using ADSearch for accuraccy.

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